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Volume 1: Issue 1

By Sara, age 13, NC

When you look in the mirror, what or who do you see? Judging yourself and the things you do can sometimes be easy to do. I know it is for me. However, we are not alone.

Just about everyone you meet judges themselves harshly. Our friends do it, even the most popular people in school do it. This can be hard to believe sometimes because, on the outside, their lives might look picture-perfect. However, nearly everyone we meet struggles with the same thing . . . comparison. In the age of social media and photo filters, comparing is so easy to do! We judge ourselves by the number of “likes” we get or don’t get. We judge ourselves why what someone has and we don’t. We can even look at ourselves more negatively because we don’t have as many followers.

Sometimes, you might ask yourself, “How come their life is so much better than mine?” or “What can I do to be more like her?” And honestly, no one’s life is perfect and you can’t be JUST like everyone else so what’s the point in trying to be someone you’re not?  Especially when what we get to see isn’t actually the full picture. Believe me, I get it. I understand what it’s like to constantly be comparing your clothes, looks, life, followers, social media likes, and friends to other people. It’s hard and it’s tiring.

Although, one specific thing has helped me get through these struggles: God’s word.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” You may be wondering what this means for you. Well, it simply means that God has created us in His own way, in His own image, and He wants us to know that.

Think about it like this: God is the potter, and we are the clay. God made millions of pots. Even though there are so many, they are all so different. On the outside and inside. One can be rough and one can be smooth. One can be wide and one can be thin. The potter’s fingerprints are in different spots of the clay, therefore, the pot is different from the one next to it.

Something more relatable to think about would be a gift. God’s gift. We are God’s gift! He has made each and every one of us with deep thought, and He is so happy to give us to the world, but sometimes the thing we do most is point out the bad about that gift. God doesn’t wish this for us, just like we wouldn’t wish for our best friend to point out the things she doesn’t like about the gift we thoughtfully made her for her birthday.

As I come close, it’s important to restate the point I really hope you will understand: You are God’s beautiful gift. Try not to act or feel like you have to be anyone else other than yourself.  When you look in the mirror, see the gift you are, and realize that there is only one you! You are a priceless!


Dear Sara,

What an important truth for all of us to be reminded of—that God loves us individually and uniquely. I often tell people that God does not do cookie cutters . . . he did not intend for each person to look alike, think alike, have the same ideas or beliefs, or enjoy the same talents and abilities. We serve a God who is creative, and one of the places that is best displayed is in humanity. You are the only you, which means that there will never be a person again with your exact unique blends of personality, experience, sense of humor, gifting, and perspectives. One of the greatest lessons we can all learn is that comparison is the thief of contentment. When we spend all of our time and energy comparing who we are to others around us, we rob ourselves of the joy of learning to be happy with who we are and celebrate the unique way that God made us! You were created for a unique purpose that only you can fill in this world. Seek his plan for your life and your divine design and live it to its fullest!


—Christie Love, Lead Pastor and author, Springfield, MO

Created for girls ages 10–14 to encourage and inspire each other as they write the feature articles.

Created for girls ages 10–14 to encourage and inspire each other as they write the feature articles.